Jan 27, 2014

Re-upload by request: Zarathustra - Zarathustra (1971)

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Formed in Hamburg (Germany), this obscure 70s heavy rock band is in the vein of popular British, American bands as DEEP PURPLE, ATOMIC ROOSTER, VANILLA FUDGE. Well played their intense rock is strongly melted with progressive tendencies thanks to the use of massive electric organ parts, long instrumental and technical structures, extended jam and adventurous climax. With intelligence and constant creativity, the quintet was pertaining to the evolution of rock music, particularly sensitive to new approaches from everywhere, British late 60s style to psychedelic feel and krautrock experimentations. Providing a high level of musical qualities, this brilliant band deserves the attention of any 70s prog rock lovers.
1. Eternal Light
2. Mr. Joker
3. Past Time
4. Nightmare
5. Sad Woman
6. Ormuzd

Ernst Herzner - lead vocals
Michael Just - bass, vocals
Klaus Werner - organ
Wolfgang Behrmann - drums, percussion

Thanks to original uploader (SW@T)


Jan 26, 2014

Evensong - Evensong (1973, 2010)

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1. Dodos And Dinosaurs
2. I Was Her Cowboy
3. Store Of Time
4. Gypsy
5. Smallest Man In The World
6. Take Your Son To Church Mother
7. Borderline

8. Firefly
9. Rum Runner
10. Sweetbriar Road
Bonus tracks:
11. Home Made Wine (1972 unreleased)
12. Reaching Out For Someone (1972 unreleased)
13. Wooden Wheels (1972 unreleased)
14. Tell Me A Story (1972 unreleased)
15. Dance Dance Dance (1973 single)
16. Romeo (1973 single)

The band:
Tony Hulman - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mike Lawson - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ray Fenwick - guitar
B. J. Cole - steel guitar
Harbie Flowers - bass
Clem Cattini - drums


Jan 24, 2014

Sad Café - Facades (1979) / Sad Café (1980) [2CD, 2009]

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CD 1 "Facades":
1. Take Me To The Future
2. Nothing Left Toulouse
3. Every Day Hurts
4. Strange Little Girl
5. Crazy Oyster
6. Emptiness
7. Cottage Love
8. Angel
9. Get Me Outta Here
10. My Oh My
Bonus tracks:
11. I Wish This Night Would Never End
12. Time Is So Hard To Find

CD 2 "Sad Cafe":
1. La-Di-Da
2. Digital Daydream Blues
3. What Am I Gonna Do
4. Keeping It From The Troops
5. Love Today
6. Losin' You
7. Dreamin'
8. No Favours - No Way
9. I'm In Love Again


Jan 23, 2014

Jay Ferguson [ex-Spirit / Jo Jo Gunne] - All Alone In The End Zone (1976)

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1. Snakes On The Run  
2. Turn It Up 
3. Medicated Goo 
4. Madam Doktor 
5. All Alone In The End Zone  
6. Cinnamon City 
7. To The Island  
8. Hit & Run  
9. Everybody Goes From Here  
10. Time & Time Again 

Jay Ferguson - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Joe Walsh - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
Joey Murcia - rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Joe Vitale - drums, vocals, flute, percussion, vibraphone
George "Chocolate" Perry - bass, vocals
Joe Lala - congas


Jan 20, 2014

Downtrip [Belgium] - If You Don't Rock Now (1976) + Downtown (1979)

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If You Don't Rock Now (1976):
1. All I Need Is Your Lovin’
2. Sweet Lies
3. Kiss
4. Mean Lady
5. Travellin’ Down The Road
6. Rock & Roll Fever
7. Red Light Lady
8. Truck Driver
9. Down The Line
10. Getting Louder

Downtown (1979):
11. Scarecrow
12. Shout It Out
13. Dedicated To You
14. Downtown
15. Highway
16. Brand New Cadillac
17. C’mon Little Darling
18. Love Lights
19. Wrong
20. Belgian Rock & Roll

Jose Cuisset - lead guitar
Jean-Paul Goosens - vocals
John Hastry - bass
Paul van der Velden - drums, percussion


Jan 19, 2014

Felix Pappalardi - Don't Worry, Ma (1979)

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1. Bring It with You When You Come
2. As the Years Go Passing
3. Railroad Angels 
4. Hi-Heel Sneakers
5. Water Is Wide     
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Caught A Fever
8. White Boy Blues
9. Farmer's Daughter

Felix Pappalardi  - vocals, keyboards, bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - drums, tympani
Eric Gale - guitar
Chuck Rainey - bass
Richard Tee - keyboards


Re-upload by request: Argent - Argent (1970)

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''Argent'' is the first album by British rock band Argent. Released in 1970, the album did not chart in either the U.S. or the U.K. and did not produce any hit singles, although the song "Liar" would become a top-10 Billboard hit the following year through a cover version by Three Dog Night.
1. Like Honey
2. Liar
3. Be Free
4. Schoolgirl
5. Dance In The Smoke
6. Lonely Hard Road
7. The Feeling Inside
8. Freefall
9. Stepping Stone
10. Bring You Joy

Rod Argent - organ, piano, vocals
Russ Ballard - guitar, piano, vocals
Jim Rodford - bass, vocals
Robert Henrit - drums, percussion


Jan 18, 2014

Lee Michaels - Barrel (1970)

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Barrel wasn't quite Michaels in his most minimalist two-man band format. Drummer Frosty was still the prime accompanist, and Michaels played most of the other instruments, but Drake Levin did help out on guitar. The strengths of the album are the strengths of most of Michaels's early-1970s material: rich funk-rock-gospel vocals and keyboards. The weaknesses are also common to much of Michaels's albums from the period: a lack of truly outstanding songs and a reliance upon slow to mid-tempo bluesy songs that sound too much alike. Some moderate circa-1970 counterculture sentiments surfaced in songs like "What Now America," but the undoubted highlight was his rousing cover of Moby Grape's "Murder in My Heart (For the Judge)."
1. Mad Dog
2. What Now America
3. Uummmm My Lady
4. Thumbs
5. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
6. Murder In My Heart (For The Judge)
7. Day Of Change

8. Think I'll Cry
9. Games
10.Didn't Know What I Had
11.As Long As I Can

Lee Michaels - bass, keyboards, vocals
Frosty - drums
Drake Levin - guitar


Re-upload by request: Blue Cheer - Blue Cheer (1969, 1992)

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Blue Cheer is the fourth album by Blue Cheer, released in 1969 on Philips Records. Gary Lee Yoder contributed songwriting for the opening and closing tracks and would later join the group as guitarist on their next album The Original Human Being (1970).
The album is the first Blue Cheer release as a four piece band, as they had always been a power trio prior.
(From Wikipedia)
1. Fool
2. You're Gonna Need Someone
3. Hello LA, Bye Bye Birmingham
4. Saturday Freedom
5. Ain't That The Way (Love's Supposed To Be)
6. Rock And Roll Queens
7. Better When We Try
8. Natural Man
9. Lovin' You's Easy
10. The Same Old Story

Bruce Stephens - guitar, lead & backing vocals
Dickie Peterson - bass, lead vocals
Ralph Burns Kellogg - keyboards
Norman Mayell - drums



Jan 17, 2014

Re-upload by request: Lee Michaels - Space And First Takes (1972)

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This album is a fascinating hybrid of psychedelia and mainstream hard rock, incorporating elements of both. Consisting of two short numbers (clocking in a under five minutes) and a pair of extended tracks running a quarter-hour each, it stands apart from most of the extended art rock jams of its era by virtue of its consistent, driving beat and the emphasis on crunchy guitar sounds (courtesy of ex-Paul Revere & the Raiders ax-man Drake Levin and Michaels himself). The title track and "Hold On to Freedom" seem like a lot of empty posturing, although the playing and production on "Space and First Takes" have enough of a psychedelic edge that its 16-minute length is mostly a virtue. "First Names" is slightly shorter, and intense enough across 14 minutes to pull the listener in even deeper and more successfully.
1. Own Special Way (As Long As) 4:26
2. First Names 13:35
3. Hold On To Freedom 4:55
4. Space & First Takes 16:35

Lee Michaels - organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Joel Christie - bass
Keith Knudsen - drums
Drake Levin - guitar


Jan 16, 2014

T2 - T2 (recorded 1970, released 1997)

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2008 digitally remastered reissue of this collection of unreleased demos. Even though fame and fortune never came to pass for T2, their Decca album It'll All Work out in Boomland has become an all-time classic amongst collectors of Progressive and Psychedelic music, and even in the Techno and DJ scenes. For years, fans assumed that Boomland was both the beginning and the end of the group's recorded legacy. But Acme Records unearthed an eponymous second album of material, recorded in 1970 with the original line-up as demo tracks for a planned second album. This second T2 album, had it been released in 1970, could have put the band on the same level of fame with the likes of Deep Purple, Free, and King Crimson (bands with whom T2 shared a stage). It's hard-driving opener "Highway", ablaze with wailing guitars, gives way to moody introspection, culminating with the LSD induced finale "T2".
1. Highway

2. Careful Sam
3. Timothy Monday
4. CD / The Mistrel
5. Fantasy
6. T2

Keith Cross - electric guitar, electric piano
Peter Dunton - vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, Mellotron
Bernard Jinks - bass guitar


Jan 15, 2014

T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland (1970, 2008)

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1. In Circles (8:34)
2. J.L.T. (5:44)
3. No More White Horses (8:35)
4. Morning (21:14)
Bonus tracks:
5. Questions And Answers (5:17)
6. CD (7:01)
7. In Circles (9:07)

Keith Cross - guitars, keyboards, harmony vocals
Peter Dunton - drums, lead vocals
Bernard Jinks - bass guitar, harmony vocals


By request: Beckett - Beckett (1974)

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This self-titled album from UK Prog Rock band "Beckett" was their only album from 1974. They have a huge following in the South Tyneside area of England. It is worth noting that Iron Maiden covered "A Rainbow's Gold", which is featured on the B-Side of their 'Two Minutes To Midnight" single. And a few members of "Beckett" went on to form the band "Back Street Crawler" with the ex-guitarist of 'Free', Paul Kossoff.

1. Once Upon A Time... The End
2. Rolling Thunder
3. Rainclouds
4. Life's Shadow
5. New Dawn Chorus
6. A Rainbow's Gold
7. Don't Tell Me I Wasn't Listening
8. Green Grass Green
9. My Lady
10. True Life Story

The Band:
Arthur Ramm - guitar
Frankie Gibbon - bass
Terry Wilson-Slesser - vocals
Kenny Mountain - guitar
Keith Fisher - drums


Jan 2, 2014

James Gang - Newborn (1975) + Jesse Come Home (1976)

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Newborn (1975):
1. Merry-Go-Round
2. Gonna Get By
3. Earthshaker

4. All I Have
5. Watch It
6. Driftin' Dreamer
7. Shoulda' Seen Your Face
8. Come With Me
9. Heartbreak Hotel
10. Red Satin Lover
11. Cold Wind
Jesse Come Home (1976):
12. I Need Love
13. Another Year
14. Feelin' Alright
15. Peasant Song
16. Hollywood Dream

17. Love Hurts
18. Pick Up The Pizzas
19. Stealin' The Show
20. When I Was A Sailor

Personnel "Newborn":
Bubba Keith - guitars, vocals.
Richard Shack - guitars, vocals
Dale Peters - bass guitar, percussion, vocals
Jim Fox - drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Al Perkins - guitars.
David Briggs - keyboards
Kenneth Hamann - keyboards, synthethizer
Don Brooks - harmonica
George Ricci - cello

Personnel "Jesse Come Home":
Phil Giallombardo - keyboards, piano, vocals
Bob Webb - guitars, vocals
Dale Peters - bass guitar, percussion, vocals
Jim Fox - drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Nelson Flaco Pedron - percussion